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Friday, 28 December 2007

Hackney Garden - Boxing Day '07

This was all shot on Boxing Day, as the title suggests. It's a bit flabby, the sound isn't great, and I'm not sure how much interest there will be in submerged walls and Pyrus Katsura, but I like the idea of documenting the work we're doing on the garden in this way. It's giving me some nice material to play around with in Movie Maker, and making me more comfortable operating a camera.

That's not me in the cover image by the way. That's my Dad. He always has at least one 'project' on the go, typically involving boats or gardens. One day I daresay he'll try and combine the two into some sort of boat-garden. Rest assured reader, when he does, I'll be there, and the camera will be rolling.


Googled 'boat garden' and found this.

I LOVE the internet.


posted by Dan Light  # 00:47
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