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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Social Media Cafe

I picked up my twitter feed yesterday morning and spotted that @jangles (aka Neville Hobson) was on his way up to London for the 4th Social Media Cafe. This is an event that takes place upstairs at the Coach & Horses in Greek St, and serves as a coming together for some of the great and good from the UK blogging scene.

As soon as I arrived I recognised a couple of faces from Seesmic, particularly those of @sizemore (left) and @yellowpark (aka Mike Atherton and Chris Dalby). I gather that Mike Butcher from Techcrunch UK was also there, as was Lloyd Davis, the organiser of the event, who kindly took some time to talk me through the pub's notorious history as a sixties hangout for hard-drinking hacks.

I also had an excellent conversation with Josh March, commercial director of a specialist social media marketing agency called iNetworkMarketing, for whom this must have been an invaluable networking opportunity. It was great to challenge him on the question of whether Facebook is actually good for much of anything, and to find that he shared my evolving view that it best serves an increment of the relationships in your life that are neither the most nor the least familiar, but somewhere in between.

I understand that somebody was giving a demo of a site that hasn't gone public yet - I think it might have been called BuzzSpotter - that mashes up Twitter and Google maps to create a kind of conversation geolocator. I missed the opportunity to get a peek at that, but from what Jangles was saying it sounded pretty cool.

This Seesmic by Sizemore gives a pretty good sense of proceedings. For my part I could have happily continued pretty much every conversation I had through lunch and well into the afternoon; some have already carried over into Twitter and Seesmic. All in all it was great to see some names, voices and faces crystallize into such an amiable and energetic occasion.

The photo above is taken from this set by Thayer18 - aka Thayer Driver - a lovely young lady who gave me both a delicious rum truffle (which, technically, was breakfast) and a hug through the course of the event. It is reproduced here without her kind permission. Sizemore has already described it as looking like a shot from the production of a social media Lord of the Rings. I can't improve on that.

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posted by Dan Light  # 02:18
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Hey :)

Glad you enjoyed the truffles! Didn't you ask for muffins and tea next time...? Cheeky bleeder ;-)

I'm Thayer Driver by the way, aka Thayer18. It's not unusual for me to hug first and introduce later. Spread the love I say!

See you around soon,

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